About my Skype Lessons

It is not who advertises the most but who cares the most!

If you are looking for classes with a personal touch, custom-made for your needs, where you don't have to learn how to handle a "platform" or download a certain program in order to take lessons, then you have come to the 
right place!

What you do need in order to take lessons with me is:
·                     a reliable internet connection
·                     Skype installed
·                     a good command of English or German
·                     a sincere interest in learning German or English
·                    interestpatience and commitment

I only take on a few students because I dedicate a lot of time to creating personalized learning materials for my students. I am also available for email contact in-between lessons.

In a first Skype talk (free of charge) I will find out what your language learning background / level is and what your goals are. If  you have a certain concept for the lessons in mind, I will suggest a certain approach to reach your goals. If you decide to start lessons with me, it will be up to you for how many lessons in advance you would like to pay (starting from one lesson in advance > see prices, terms & conditions below).
You will receive 100% personalized lessons for effective learning! I will provide you with all the learning material (custom-tailored to your needs) for each lesson, so you don't have to buy a book. (If you have a book, though, that you would like to use, then you will have to send me scans of each unit.) After each lesson, I will email you homework (not mandatory but strongly recommended) that you resend to me after completion. At the beginning of the following class, we go over it together and clarify any questions / problems you may have.

Some students enjoy listening to German or English music and ask me to go through the lyrics of songs with them. I am happy to do that, too, as it is a fun way to learn and memorize new vocabulary and grammar structures. It also helps with pronunciation when you sing along! :)
I will be the Director of your lessons, but you will be the Producer! You decide how often you want lessons, whether you want me to speak German / English only, whether you want the camera on or off or whether you prefer more conversation, writing, grammar etc.. You can always tell me your ideas, and I will adjust our lessons accordingly. The more feedback I get from you, the better I can personalize the material and the lessons for you. All you have to bring, is interest! Don't be afraid to make mistakes, they are the best way to learn from and to remember something!

My time zone is PST (UTC-8, California/U.S.A.)

Suggested lesson units:

Learners aged 13 - 17 years: 45 minutes, preferably twice a week

There will be a different approach to the classes, concentrating more on the subject matter the student is learning at school, helping him/her with homework, projects, essays, exams etc.

For adult learners: 60 minutes or 90 minutes, preferably twice a week

Lesson prices !

$17 per 30-minute lesson
Block of 5 lessons $80
Block of 10 lessons $153

$25 per 45-minute lesson
Block of 5 lessons $115 
Block of 10 lessons $225

$31 per 60-minute lesson
Block of 5 lessons $145
Block of 10 lessons $279 

$44 per 90-minute lesson
Block of 5 lessons $205
Block of 10 lessons $396 

I also give classes to 2 students at the same time for a small additional fee for each lesson.

Note: If you refer a new student who buys at least 5 lessons in advance, you will get one free lesson yourself (same lesson unit as the referred student paid for)!

Terms and Conditions (please read and contact me if you agree)!
Lessons are to be paid 2 days in advance through Paypal, make sure to also pay the paypal fee! Payment by check can also be an option.

You only pay for the lessons that you take as long as you re-schedule a lesson 
at least 24 hours ahead of time! Late cancellations or no-shows count as a given lesson!  Lesson rates include work-sheets (for the lessons and for homework) and correction of homework. If you show up late for a lesson, I will do the remainder of the lesson with you but, there cannot be any extra time! If you decide, for whatever reasons, to discontinue the lessons, there will be no refunds! If I don't hear back from you for 2 months, I will delete you from my student list, and there will be no refunds!